Water Park: General Guidelines

Statement of Safety: Our mission here at Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park & Resort is to provide an enjoyable experience for the whole family while providing excellence in Aquatic Safety. Our lifeguards are highly trained and qualified to respond to any emergency in the water park. Please obey their instructions at all times. In our effort to prepare lifeguards for any emergency, drills are conducted during operating hours using live victims and life-like mannequin. If you have any further questions about our mission of safety, please see a water park manager or supervisor.

 Weather Policy: Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park & Resort takes the safety of our guests very seriously. Therefore, in times of inclement weather, some or all of the attractions may be closed. This may include outdoor and indoor attractions that could be affected by an electrical storm. In the event that an attraction is closed for weather, the water park staff will work diligently to reopen the attractions once the storm has safely passed.

 Mechanical Downtime: Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park & Resort is a new water park and using the newest state-of-the-art technologies. However, sometimes mechanical issues arise that are out of our control. It is possible that a mechanical issue could force the water park staff to close an attraction. In the event that an attraction is closed for mechanical reasons, the water park & maintenance staff will work as quickly as possible to reopen the attraction.

To ensure the safety of all our guests, we ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind.

·         All guests are required to have a wristband, either issued by the front desk or one purchased from the Galley, in order to enter the water park.

·         Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park & Resort is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. Lockers are available for daily rental in the Galley.

·         All guests are asked to shower before entering the Water park’s attractions.

·         Modest swimwear is required inside the water park. Thong bathing suits, transparent suits, and physically revealing suits are not permitted. The Water park staff reserves the right to deny admission to anyone with inappropriate attire.

·         No running, horseplay, shoulder riding, or diving/jumping into pools.

·         Water park hours and attraction availability are subject to change based on occupancy and management’s decision.

·         The water park is a tobacco free environment. Please see any staff member for the closest smoking area.

·         Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to use the attractions.

·         Guests infected with communicable diseases and open sores are prohibited from entering the water.

·         Lifeguards are trained to respond to emergencies. However, it is ultimately the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise their children throughout the entire visit.

·         Our attractions are unique and all guests may not be able to participate due to physical limitations. Please see the signs at the entrance of each location and the attraction specific sections below.

·         Flotation devices are not permitted in the water park. US Coast Guard approved life jackets are available to guests free of charge. Swimsuits which have built-in flotation devices will still require a life jacket based on each attraction’s height restrictions.

·         Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park & Resort does not administer swimming tests to eliminate a guest’s need for a lifejacket.

·         Outside food, including coolers & picnic baskets, are not permitted in the park. If you have special dietary needs, you may bring food and store it in the refrigerator in the First Aid room.

·         Glass containers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the park.

·         Approved swim diapers must be worn by all diaper dependent guests. Swim diapers are available to purchase at the Seaside Market.

·         Diaper changing permitted in restrooms only. Diaper changing stations provided.

·         All water park towels & lifejackets must remain in the water park.

·         Line jumping is not permitted at the water park. If you leave the line for any reason, you forfeit your place in the line and must start back at the end of the line..

·         No cameras or video recording equipment permitted in the locker rooms or restrooms.

·         Please be aware that the water park is a wet environment. Be prepared to get wet upon entering.

·         Remember that wet environments are not ideal conditions for electronics. Use at your discretion.

·         Water park towels are provided to all guests for their convenience. We ask that water park towels are not carried out of the water park.

·         Swimming goggles are permitted except on the slides.

·         Pets are not permitted in the water park. Exceptions will be made for service animals.

·         It is prohibited to carry a firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordnance anywhere on the premises.

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