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Water Park: Lost Treasure Lagoon

Lost Treasure Lagoon is a family friendly leisure pool with a few exciting elements. Guests may dare to make it across our floating treasure maps and get to the other side. Ollie the dolphin is floating around for guests to ride, play on, & even hug. Basketball hoops are there too with basketballs just the right size for small hands. Finally, there is the Vortex. The Vortex has a strong circular current. Guests will be picked up off their feet and whirled around in this thrilling round pool.

Maximum Depth : 4 ft.

Height Restrictions & Rules:

  • Guests must be over 46” tall in bare feet to participate without restrictions.
  • Guests between 40” and 46” must wear a lifejacket to participate.
  • Guests under 40” tall must wear a lifejacket AND be accompanied by an adult.
  • One guest on the floating treasure map course at a time.
  • Guest must be able to reach the cargo net while standing on the platform.
  • When a guest falls off the course into the water, they must then exit the pool at the closest ladder.
  • No hanging or playing on the blue & white buoy lines.
  • No running, jumping, horseplay, or diving into the pool.
  • No more than 2 guests at a time on the floating dolphin. No standing on the dolphin.
  • Inner Tubes are NOT permitted in Lost Treasure Lagoon.
  • Enter & Exit only at the designated areas.
  • Playing dodge ball with the basketballs or throwing basketballs at other guests & lifeguards will not be tolerated.
  • Guests should not hang on basketball goals.
  • Please be aware of the fast moving current in the Vortex section of the pool.
  • For your safety, riders must be able to demonstrate upper torso control and the ability to maintain both a seated posture and center of gravity.
  • We recommend that you do not participate in the Lost River if you have back, neck, or head injuries, heart trouble, high blood pressure, or if you have had recent surgery.
  • Women who are or might be pregnant also should not participate.

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